Lean Leaders in Aerosol and Liquid Contract Packaging

  • Lean

    At Aerofil Technology Inc., we're making a major difference to our customers by driving supply chain wide value through the introduction, training and implementation of Lean Manufacturing.

  • Aerosol Filling

    Aerofil operates six individual aerosol filling lines, with optimal propellant systems capable of handling hydrocarbons, DME, 152A, 134A, Nitrogen and CO2. Now featuring roll-fed labeling, and in-line sleeving.

  • Liquid Filling

    With six liquid filling lines, we have the ability to handle a wide range of products & sizes. From flammable solvents to water-based formulas, we have the expertise to handle all of your needs.

  • Technical

    ATI consistently delivers our customers the highest-level of quality in the market today. Our Technical Department assures that all products meet or exceed customer requirements & specifications.


Turnkey Solutions

ATI has adopted the Lean practices of the Toyota Production System and has begun an ongoing journey of continuous improvement across the entire supply chain. We believe the greatest value we can deliver to our customers is the total elimination of waste and non-valued activities through recognized worldwide practices of continuous improvement.

News & events

  • Aerofil opens the doors on a new 2,500 square foot Technical Center.

  • Aerofil hires Ben Heimann as Technical Director. Ben brings over 13 years of experience in the aerosol industry.