Mitigating Unskilled Labor Shortages through Automation


Published on November 9, 2021

At Aerofil, we’re always looking towards the future, investing in technology and processes that further improve our production capabilities through increased efficiency, quality, automation, and flexibility, allowing us to set new standards in aerosol production. This state-of-the-art aerosol filling line allows Aerofil and our clients to mitigate unskilled labor challenges, while catering to an increasingly diverse consumer base, along with rising SKU counts and the need for shorter run sizes. Along with the capability to fill more than 200 cans per minute, Aerosol Line 8’s rich flexibility enables us to run steel, aluminum, or plastic cans on the line, and the dual fillers and gassers on the line allow for rapid changeover or mixing concentrates and formulations directly in the can.

Aerosol Line 8’s advanced automation allows the entire line, from the unloading of cans to loading pallets on a truck, to be completed with just five operators at a time, yet yield a higher-quality end product than ever before. With the advances Aerosol Line 8 brings to Aerofil’s production pipeline, we look forward to enabling our customer’s successes through faster inventory turns, an even higher quality filling process, and the flexibility to handle products of all shapes, sizes, and formulations.